Patient Safety Awareness

Free book on Patient Advocacy – Giving Voice to Patients. Become a smarter patient !

When you fall ill, you are likely to be scared and confused. While your doctor can provide you with medical care, patients need much more than just prescriptions and pills.

You need:

  • Emotional support and hand holding
  • Information to understand your disease and to explore different treatment options
  • Protection against medical errors and to ensure care is being properly coordinated
  • Help with filling up forms and claiming reimbursement from the insurance company
  • Help in communicating efficiently with doctors, getting a second opinion and navigating a hospital’s labyrinthine maze

Our book, Patient Advocacy – Giving Voice to Patients is now available free online at This book explains what patient advocacy is, what patient advocates do and how they can help patients. Anyone who is ill or wants to help a person who is ill will find this book a useful resource. Please share this with your friends – we all need a helping hand especially when we are sick !

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